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Nano Double Fight MouthGuard White

Nano Double Fight MouthGuard – 6700


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Product Description

The Nano Double Fight protects the upper and lower teeth from high impacts and is typically used for MMA or other fight sports. This dual-arch, low-profile mouthguard is designed to enhance upper and lower jaw protection. Featuring a double monocoque shock frame, it absorbs and disperses impact away from the point of contact.

  • Double Monocoque Shock Frame has a low-profile upper and lower dual arch structure that absorbs and disperses impacts away from the point of contact
  • Tri-Bite stabilizers stabilize the upper and lower jaw through front incisor and rear molar, gel-filled, bite windows enhancing protection and fit
  • Gel-Fit™ Liner is the essential layer for cushion and a super-tight fit that keeps the mouthguard in place
  • MORA Performance enhancement, when mouthguard is fitted and worn correctly, positions the lower jaw down and forward and the tongue up onto the roof of the mouth, which may increase strength and athletic performance
  • Convertible tether is a quick-release tether that allows the Gel Max Flavor Fusion to be used strapped or strapless
  • Boil and Bite Fit requires the Gel Max mouthguard to be immersed into boiled water to be ready to start the fitting process
  • The Nano Double is Latex-Free and not intended for use with braces

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