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Ultra Multisport – 83MS

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Product Description

Ultra Multisport is designed specifically for indoor and outdoor team sports such as Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Hockey, Ice Hockey, …
The Ultra Multisport mouthguard provides protection in a super low profile design that does not hinder performance on court or field with unrestricted breathing and speaking.

  • Bio-Fit design ensures easy breathing and speaking
  • Gel Windows provide upper and lower jaw molar interlock when clenched for added jaw protection
  • Form-Fit chassis provides bio-shape to fit natural dimensions of every tooth
  • Gel-Fit™ Liner is the essential layer for cushion and a super-tight fit that keeps the mouthguard in place
  • Low-Temp FastFit is Shock Doctor’s “No Boil – Low Heat” fitting system
  • – The Ultra Multisport mouthguard has an increased durability and in addition it is Latex-Free and BPA-Free


ALWAYS protect mouthguard from heat environments such as hot dashboards and hot car interiors.

STORE at Room Temperature, preferably in a clean mouthguard case.
CLEAN and Rinse after each use.


Fitting instructions


  • Temperature strip included with instructions
  • Largeclear safety glass measuring cup or small saucepan
  • Mirror
  • Slotted spoon if desired
  • Thermometer if desired

Step 1: Heat the water between 65 degrees Celcius and 71 degrees Celsius (do not let water boil)
Step 2: Immerse the temperature strip in the water, the temperature strip should indicate a Green/Gold color. If there is no temperature indication then the water is too hot.
Step 3: Once right water temperature has reached, place the mouthguard facing up into the warm water at the bottom of the glass/container
Step 4: When the mouthguard rises towards the surface of the water or after 35-40 seconds, wait 5 more seconds and gently remove the mouthguard out of the water
Step 5: Handle gently as mouthguard will be very pliable. Make sure soft walls are straight and the arch channel is clear for fitting onto teeth
Step 6: While facing a mirror carefully Center and Align mouthguard on upper arch of teeth
Step 7: Press inside rim of mouthguard into back of front teet and roof of mouth and side of teeth
Step 8: Push up on bottom of mouthguard along all teeth then slowly bite down with front teeth into front channel to initiate custom impression. Do not bite hard or you could bite through soft material
Step 9: Clench teeth slowly together, yet firmly, on the whole mouthguard and begin to suck out air and press tongue against inside rim of mouthguard
Step 10: With fingers firmly press outside of front walls of mouthguard against front row of teeth and gums then close mouth and suck in air to create a vacuum and continue to compress mouthguard against all teeth and gums by pressing on outside of lips and cheeks
Step 11: Maintain pressing and compressing mouthguard against teeth and gums with firmer bite until mouthguard has started to harden. Keep in mouth for at least 4 minutes which allows for continual custom adjustment while material hardens.
Step 12: Remove and immerse mouthguard in ice cold water for three to five minutes and check fit. If not as tight a fit as desired, repeat warming instructions and fitting process.
Step 13: Store mouthguard at room temperature, preferably in a clean mouthguard case. Clean and rinse after each use.

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