Gel Max Mundschutz


SKU: 6100-BB-AD

Das Gel Max Mundschutz bietet überlegene Passform und Schutz. Durch die Verwendung eines Gel -Fit -Liners erzeugt das Gel Max eine benutzerdefinierte Passform für Ihre Zähne und eine Kaugummi -Linie, die eine enge, sichere Passform bietet. Der Außenkörper des Gel -Maxus wird mit einem Gummi -Exoskelett verstärkt, um ultimative Stoßdämpfereigenschaften zu bieten. Akzeptieren Sie nicht billige einschichts Mundschutz, vertrauen Sie auf Schock Doctor und seien Sie jedes Mal zuversichtlich, wenn Sie spielen!


• Exoskelett -Schockrahmen
• Integrierte Atemkanäle
• Dreifach -Schicht -Design
• einfacher zu passen
• Gel-Fit ™ Liner
• Kochen und Bisspassen

Customer Reviews

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joffrey o.
impeccable tous gabarits

super confortable. la taille convient paefaitement aux plis grandes machoires.


Livraison Rapide, tiens très bien avec la bouche ouverte, ne gêne pas la respiration, Protège toutes les dents même celles du fond

Damien R.
Perfect for a martial art like Judo

After suffering a small injury after a randori I decided to get a good mouthguard to prevent further injuries. After checking multiple sources (forums, blogs, etc.) I decided to buy this one and boy I was right!

The heat-and-mould process is straightforward as possible, 1"30 in hot water, 3s in cold water and then put it in the mouth to mould it against your teeth and gum.

Although it is a small one and covers only the upper teeth, it does its jobs perfectly by providing a solid protection. Since I bought it, I did a dozen randoris and twice it protected my teeth from an impact coming from my lower jaw.

You can even breath with it, I'm able to withstand full length randoris without having to take a breather between them. And yes, you can also drink with it, that's a huge plus!

I'll definitively buy another one if at some point it fails me, it's an impressive product with an even more impressive price.

Quality looks good but sizeis an issue

the quality of the mouthguard looks good but we had to order the adult size for our 6 year old daughter and hope that this fits. She is a normal sized slim kid with a rather small head but her jaw is wider than the junior size and if we would try to fit it, the teeth would scrape at hard outer material.
Luckily the mouthgard in junior size will fit our 3 year old daughter who will start field hockey in spring

Len v.S.

Kleindochter was er heel blij voor de sport...koud water, heet water en passen. Helemaal goed.